Cooking 101 with Recipe4Living

Cooking 101 with Recipe4Living

Are you a newlywed who has never boiled an egg, or a college guy who is moving out on his own for the first time and can only make mac and cheese from a box? Read on for the basics of cooking with Cooking 101 with Recipe4Living! From hosting the perfect party to prepping a basic dinner and beyond, we are here to help those who are helpless in the kitchen.

First of all, be sure to start with a clean kitchen, sharp cutlery and the appropriate cookware. You will need:

Salt and Pepper
A cutting board
A can opener
Various sizes of skillets, pots and saucepans
A colander
Wooden spoons
Oven mitts
Kitchen towels

These articles will help you get started with the basics: cooking everyday items like chicken, a guide to kitchen herbs and spices, what you can substitute for kitchen items you don't have stocked and general food storage guidelines.

Meat Cooking Times and Temperatures
Dictionary of Herbs and Spices
Kitchen Substitutions
Food Storage Guidelines

Easy Tip:

Make breakfast for dinner (so homey!), or double a recipe so that you can serve leftovers (whether it be crockpot dish, chicken entree or hearty pasta with bacon) with a side salad and classic cocktail the next day.

These articles will help you on your way:

How to Boil an Egg: Recipe4Living wants to make sure your hard-boiled and soft-boiled eggs are perfect, so follow this easy step-by-step guide on egg boiling.

How to Choose the Right Cooking Oil: Not sure what type of oil to use in your cooking? From olive to peanut, we'll take a look at the five most popular cooking oils and help you pick the best oil for your dish.

How to Light a Charcoal Grill: As fun as grilling in the great outdoors is, coming face-to-face with a charcoal grill can be daunting! Contrary to what you might think, lighting a charcoal grill is actually very easy. With the right techniques, you'll have cookin'-ready coals in no time at all! Just remember that these steps are only for charcoal grills, not gas or electric.

How to Make an Omelet: One of the best breakfasts out there, an omelet combines eggs, melted cheese, fresh veggies, and whatever else you’d like to add! Omelets can be tricky to make, though. Here are some basic guidelines for making a great omelet; feel free to change the ingredients to your liking.

How to Make Coffee: Believe it or not, there are many ways to do this! Read up on the various options as most people who come to dinner like to cap the night off with a cup of joe. It's always nice to offer this at the end of the night.

How to Make Chicken Soup: There’s nothing better than a bowl of homemade chicken soup, just how your mom used to make it. This classic recipe is one of our favorites; try it tonight!

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