Cool Off With Root Beer Float Inspired Desserts

Root Beer Float Inspired Desserts

What is better than an ice cold root beer float on a warm day? The sweet combination of root beer and vanilla ice cream come together to create a frothy and delicious beverage you can enjoy with a spoon or a straw or both!

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For a Classic Ice Cream Float you will need 1 12-oz. can of root beer and 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream.

To make a Classic Root Beer Float start with adding a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream to a tall glass. Slowly pour the root beer over the ice cream allowing the foam to rise. Stop pouring to let the foam go down and top off with a little more root beer.

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Root Beer Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Butter Frosting: Root beer adds a unique flavor to this rich and oh so decadent cake. This cake is great for special occasions, but we won’t tell if you make it on the occasional every day is a special day kind of holiday too. Serve with an ice cold glass of milk or a warm coffee beverage. Or if you are really feeling bold, root beer over ice will pick up the subtle root beer flavors baked into this slice of heaven.

Chocolate Root Beer: What’s better than a cold glass of root beer? Well, maybe, root beer and chocolate. These two flavors combine to make a soda fountain worthy drink at home. Add a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream and you will get root beer float perfection.

Delightful Root Beer Float Pudding: When we say root beer, do you think sugar-free? If not, now you will. Our Delightful Root Beer Float Pudding is a sugar-free treat for those who want that sweet taste but don’t want all of that sugar. Using diet root beer and a light, sugar-free whipped topping makes this a special treat people with diabetes can enjoy, too.

Stunning Root Beer Float Cake: All that creamy, fizzing sweetness of a root beer float comes together to create this easy cake recipe. Top this cake with a super simple Root Beer Glaze to finish off this sweet treat.

Root Beer: Try making your own root beer to cool off with on a warm day. This recipe is super simple and delicious.

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