Copycat Recipes For Your Favorite Snack Foods

Copycat Recipes For Your Favorite Snack Foods

Chips Ahoy, Nutri-Grain bars and Fig Newtons are a few of our favorite snacks we often pick up at the grocery. With these recipes you can save money on your grocery bill by making these snacks and more at home.

Copycat Fig Newtons: These chewy fig cookies are oh so delicious.

Copycat Chips Ahoy Cookies: A favorite from our childhood, we have fond memories of devouring packs of these with friends.

Copycat Nutri-Grain bars: We've been snacking on these tasty fruit bars as long as we can remember. We're eager to give this homemade version a try.

Copycat Kraft Mac and Cheese: This recipe for Mac and Cheese tastes just like the stuff from the box that you loved as a kid.

Copycat Wheat Thins: This tasty and addicting crackers are always disappearing from our pantry.

Copycat Spaghetti Os: Instead of buying a can of Spagehtti Os, make this version that creates six large servings!

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