Corny Crowd-Pleasers: 10 Easy Recipes With Corn

Corny Crowd-Pleasers: 10 Easy Recipes With Corn

Corn tends to fly under the radar, always second fiddle to the main course. We figured we’d try to change that with a spectacular corn collection chronicling the best of the best from our corn recipes.

Corn Salsa: It may be a side dish, but this corn salsa still packs a refreshing punch with fresh cilantro, creamy avocado and juicy tomatoes. You can also add some of your favorite hot peppers to up the heat.

Corn Cakes:  Traditional, yes, but still delicious. These classic corncakes are the perfect marriage of crumbly meets cakey. It’s a perfect side for really any meal or even just as a snack. This recipe’s twist is the addition of fresh chives for a subtly oniony flavor that gives the cakes a sophisticated flavor.

Cheese Corn: This recipe is a quick and easy twist on creamed corn. It features only four ingredients that combine for a creamy delight.

Teriyaki Corn: Sick of plain old corn on the cob? Try out this teriyaki recipe for an Asian twist on an old favorite. You can barbecue them or simply use the sauce as you would butter and slather it on your cobs.

Indian Corn: This recipe resembles a hearty stew or mild Sloppy Joe. It’s best served over rice or mashed potatoes to oak up the tangy sauce.

Corn Pie: Pie for dinner really has a ring to it don’t you think? This hearty corn pie features some twists with hardboiled eggs and peppers. A healthy dose of heavy or whipping cream adds a touch of sweetness to balance a little zing from the peppers.

Crocked Corn: Simplicity is key for this dish. Break out your crockpot, toss in the three ingredients and enjoy! Slow cooking this dish gives it an especially deep flavor bringing out the sweetness in the corn.

Creamed Corn: Don’t settle for store-bought creamed corn when you can turn three easy ingredients into a delicious, creamy dish. Serve this dish with rice or another starch to make sure all that delicious sauce is soaked up!

Corn With Chilies: This dish can be kicked up to the heat level of your choice. Green chilies aren’t the hottest of the bunch, but you can substitute hot pepper oil for olive oil or switch to hot banana peppers instead of green chilies.

Cornbread: It’s sweet. It’s savory. It’s simply delicious. Take this warm, crumbly side dish to the next level with a side of cinnamon butter.

No matter which recipe you decide to try today, you are in for a corn-tastic treat! Celebrating this unsung hero is no joke, even if it is a little corny.

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