Cupcake Decorating Tips from Food Network’s Melissa d’Arabian

Cupcake Decorating Tips from Food Network’s Melissa d’Arabian

Are you in charge of the desserts for your Easter gathering? It may seem like a big task, but there are ways to make it fun. Like creating a DIY cupcake bar! These tips from Food Network’s Melissa d’Arabian don’t have to just be used for Easter either. I always find an excuse to eat dessert!

Everyone loves a great cupcake – they’re kid-friendly but can also be elegant enough for a party. I like to find fun and creative ways to spruce up everyday cupcakes, but first and foremost you need a great base and a fantastic frosting.  My recipe for a cupcake that has a bit of tang from sour cream and orange zest and is dense enough to hold up to decorating plus a white chocolate cream cheese frosting that adds flavor and decadence to any cupcake.

If you have kids, make this your Saturday-before-Easter afternoon activity. Have the cupcakes baked and then cooled in advance. Divide the white frosting into small bowls and put out an array of food colorings to create Easter-style frosting colors. 

Offer an assortment of toppings like sprinkles, jelly beans, crushed candies and cookies, coconut, mini chocolate chips, and beyond so everyone can create a variety of cupcakes. Display on a cake pedestal or cupcake tower and you have an instant centerpiece. You can also set up a DIY toppings bar, and your Easter guests can have a hand in making their very own cupcakes for dessert.

If you want a delicious but not-so-sweet cupcake, try making a faux fruit tartlet – one of my favorites from the French bakery! It’s super simple, but actually quite elegant. Create a glaze by mixing apricot jam with some water, coat the cupcake with the glaze using a brush, then top with a few pieces of small fruit right in the center and top with another brush of glaze. Blueberries are a great option because you don’t have to cut them so they won’t give off water, but you can cut up any fruit to use – just blot it with paper towel before topping the cupcake.

Want to make a pie this Easter? Don’t be afraid to make your own piecrust. Here’s my super simple recipe for a buttery and flaky crust. To add an extra special and personal touch to your pie, carve your steam vents in the shape of a guest’s initials (or your kids’ initials) into the top crust of the pie. It’s a heartfelt tradition my mom started when I was young and one that I proudly carry forth now in her memory.

Melissa d’Arabian is the host of Drop 5 lbs with Good Housekeeping on Cooking Channel. Like her tips? Catch her show on Saturdays at 10:30am ET.

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