Did You Know? : Health Benefits of Tea

Did You Know? : Health Benefits of Tea

Tea has become one of my newfound interests. Its simple taste and cleansing effect gives me the energy boost I need for the day. With these different varieties, I invite you to experience the joys of tea-- and the natural tastes and remedies Mother Nature provides.

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For Sweetness

Licorice candy always made me grimace, especially black licorice. However, the licorice root (also known as “sweet root) is nearly 50 times sweeter than sugar — with zero calories. Try licorice root tea for a sweet afternoon drink, or for a way to ease phlegm buildup, cough, asthma or other breathing problems.


For Fresh Breath

Black tea sounds a bit grim and grimy. But despite its name, it contains polyphenols that prevent plaque and bacteria from building up on your teeth and in your mouth, which leads to bad breath. In addition to keeping your breath smelling sweet, black tea will also help prevent belly fat from building. 


For Stomach Problems

Often referred to as the “stomach healer,” peppermint tea is a delicious caffeine-free tea that may sooth your stomach. However, if your symptoms of indigestion are associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), you should not drink peppermint tea.


For Headaches

For more than 2,000 years, ginger has been used to help with headaches and nausea. As an anti-inflammatory agent, ginger tea effectively blocks prostaglandins, which cause slight swelling in the brain. Surprisingly, ginger tea reduces inflammation in about the same time it would for an aspirin to work. 


For Sleep

Counting sheep just not doing it? Try valerian root tea. The valerian root acts like a sedative and may help you fall asleep quicker. Drink valerian root tea several hours before you sleep for a safer, less potent alternative to over-the-counter sleep aids.


For Weight Loss

White tea is less processed than other teas. Therefore, it contains polyphenols that are more potent. Like green tea, white tea contains ECGC, which helps prevent fat cells from developing and combats signs of aging, such as wrinkles.  

Similarly, oolong tea also contains polyphenols that boost metabolism and help block fat-building enzymes. In addition, studies have shown sustained weight loss for those who drank oolong teas, as well as a smaller waist size.   


For Good Health

The champion of teas, and my personal favorite: green tea. This tea bears many health-giving properties on account of the polyphenols it contains, particularly EGCG. Green tea’s high content of EGCG may help curb your appetite by increasing the hormone CCK, which is responsible for creating the feeling of satiation. Clinical studies have also shown that green tea extract may increase metabolism and help burn fat, and help protect against cancer.



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