Dinner Makeover: Chili

Dinner Makeover: Chili

When it’s cold outside, chili is a great way to warm yourself up. This hearty comfort food is stick-to-your-ribs good, and a fun meal to make with a loved one. Unfortunately, it's not always a healthy meal. Don’t be alarmed though. Recipe4Living has put together a dinner makeover for chili, filled with a variety of healthier chili recipes.

Depending on what meat you use in your chili, you might be facing a meal that is loaded with fat and calories. Opt for lean meat, and even though you might be craving that beef, turkey and chicken are the better choices. We promise your chili will still be rich in flavor! 

The next trick for your chili is the most basic one, and it’s in just about every dinner makeover. Cram in as many vegetables into that chili as possible! Peppers, onions and tomatoes are the most delicious vegetables for a bowl of hearty chili, and they’re full of vitamins and minerals. Loading up your chili with vegetables also means that you’ll have to down the amount of meat your using.

If you enjoy beans, adding them to you chili is an excellent way for your body to get fiber. For toppings, do your best to sacrifice the sour cream and other fatty foods. Just a little bit may destroy your healthy chili plan. At least find low fat and low calorie picks if you’re still craving the cheese and sour cream.

White Chili

Why It’s Healthy:
The title comes from the Great Northern beans featured in this healthy, chicken-chili recipe. Since beef is the major problem with most chilies, just substituting it with chicken is enough to give you a health benefit.

Baked Chili

Why It’s Healthy: This is a delicious, low-fat chili recipe – you won't feel like you're missing out on anything! Full of protein and flavor. Curious about the calories? There are only 265 in this dish! Who would have guessed!

Low Carb Chili

Why It’s Healthy: Kidney beans and black beans have fewer carb-counts than pinto beans, so use them. Even with the simple bean-exchange, this recipe still makes a very yummy bowl of chili.

Bold Vegan Chili

Why It’s Healthy: This tasty (and super-healthy) vegan dish is good for everyone, not just vegans! It’s filled with vegetarian burger crumbles, beans and tons of yummy veggies. You might even end up making a double batch so you can have leftovers!

White Bean and Tomatillo Chili

Why It’s Healthy: A tasty, spicy vegetarian chili that uses canned white kidney beans and fresh tomatillos - tart, green, tomato-like fruits. Serve with warm tortillas and a dollop of reduced-fat sour cream or plain yogurt.


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