Dinner Makeover: Macaroni and Cheese

Dinner Makeover: Macaroni and Cheese

It’s a delicious American side dish filled with cheese, macaroni and other yummy ingredients. What could be the problem? The truth is that macaroni and cheese isn’t always very healthy, so we're solved the problem by collecting our favorite macaroni and cheese recipes that are actually good for you. Take a look at these recipes and read through what makes them healthy!

Packaged version of this macaroni and cheese have continued to rise in popularity, but they're not always nutritious. It's also more difficult to tweak the recipe to make it healthier and it forces you to adhere to its portion sizes.

There are tons of ways to reduce fat and calories in macaroni and cheese. If you bought a package of macaroni and cheese, instead of using whole milk, use skim milk, nonfat yogurt, or water. You don’t always need to include the butter either. Try olive oil instead.

If you’re like us, and you make your own homemade macaroni and cheese, try using skim milk instead of cream and use whole wheat pasta. You can also try these healthier mac and cheese recipes!

Low-Fat Macaroni and Cheese

Why It’s Healthy: You can make your favorite comfort food without the guilt. This recipe is made with low-fat cheese, skim milk and whole wheat flour and the kids won’t be able to tell the difference.

Macaroni and Cheese on the Light Side

Why It’s Healthy: This mac and cheese recipe is creamy and delicious while sneaking vegetables into the kids' dinner without the complaining! It uses low-fat milk, reduced fat cheese and tons of vegetables to keep it low in fat and high in nutrients!

Macaroni and Cheese with Silken Tofu Sauce

Why It’s Healthy: The addition of tofu to the sauce might sound strange, but it adds some nutrition and creamy goodness to this meal. There’s no butter either. It uses nonhydrogenated margarine instead.

Spinach Mac & Cheese

Why It’s Healthy: This much loved comfort food has had a mini makeover to boost nutrition and cut down on fat. The layer of spinach adds vitamin A, iron and a nice texture. The use of reduced fat cheddar cheese and reduced fat cottage cheese helps to lower the fat.

Dairy-Free/Vegan Macaroni and Cheese

Why It’s Healthy: For those of us who have dietary restrictions that restrict us from having dairy, we can still have a yummy meal of macaroni and cheese! This recipe contains soy milk, nonhydrogenated margarine and grated cheddar-style nondairy cheese!

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