Dinner Makeover: Pizza

Dinner Makeover: Pizza

Is pizza really a junk food? It definitely can be! Doughy crust and globs upon globs of cheese is a surefire way to making a fat-filled pizza, and that doesn’t even include the toppings! You can still make pizza a main meal, and a good one at that, if you sacrifice the things that make it packed with calories, and load in on wheat crust, vegetables, tomato sauce and other low-fat additions.

If you’re dieting right now, or even watching your weight slightly, you might have heard that you should avoid pizza at all costs. The truth is that you should definitely avoid buying frozen pizza and eating pizza at restaurants. That’s when this food is at its worst.

But making pizza at home allows you to monitor what goes into it, and the serving size When you’re at a restaurant, you have more of a tendency to overeat and you might not even realize how many calories are in one slice of pizza (at least 300)!

Using a small English muffin gives you the chance to eat a mini-pizza as a lunch meal. By making that muffin wheat, you give yourself even more nutritious benefits. The most important thing is to avoid loading up on cheese and meat toppings, and opting for fresh vegetables like peppers.

Whole Wheat Pizza

Why It’s Healthy: That whole wheat crust is so much better for you than the typical white crust. It also uses low-fat mozzarella cheese. We all know that cheese can be full of fat, so stick to the low fat versions.

Healthy English Muffin Pizzas

Why It’s Healthy:
Just swapping a few ingredients out and supplementing them with healthier alternatives is what makes this recipe so innovative. This recipe has low-fat whole wheat English muffins, no-fat mozzarella, no-fat ricotta and loads of veggies!

Veggie Appetizer Pizza

Why It’s Healthy:
Broccoli, carrots, red onion, yellow summer squash, mushrooms and bell peppers all make an appearance on this pizza. Don’t forget the healthy whole wheat flatbreads either or the delicious Kalamata olives.

Chicken and Feta Pizza

Why It’s Healthy: If you’re craving some meat on your pizza, then go for chicken. That’s the special ingredient in this recipe. These "pizzas" are baked on tortillas, so they're low-carb and you can focus on all the yummy flavors.

Zucchini Pizza

Why It’s Healthy: If pizza crust is taboo in your diet, then here’s a healthy substitute. The crust of this pizza is made of zucchini, eggs, mozzarella cheese and sharp cheddar cheese! So interesting and so much better for you!

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