Easy Appetizer Recipes, Tips and Videos

Easy Appetizer Recipes, Tips and Videos

No matter if you plan to cook for a crowd or not, it helps to have some go-to easy appetizer recipes. You don’t want any appetizer recipes that take too long to make. You have other courses to worry about to. We’ve collected quick and easy appetizer recipes and cheap and easy appetizer recipes for any occasion. If you want to throw a get-together, check out the easy appetizer recipes for a party too!

Easy Appetizer Recipes

Quick and Easy Appetizer Recipes
Just because you have some easy appetizer recipes, that doesn’t mean that they’re quick! But these recipes are quick and easy!

Chicken Puffs
Quick and Easy Salsa
Easy Ham and Cheese Pinwheels

Cheap and Easy Appetizer Recipes
Don’t break the bank! Stick to cheap and easy appetizer recipes!

Easy Apple Dip

Bacon and Cheese Salad
Macaroni and Spinach Quiche

Easy Appetizer Recipes for a Party
Throw a party and serve some easy appetizer recipes. You’ll totally impress all your guests with these recipes!

Taco Salad
Anne’s Cheese Fondue
Easy Pizza Muffins

Tips for Easy Appetizer Recipes

Serving Appetizers - To serve hors d’oeuvres as a first course, arrange a few on individual plates to be eaten with a fork.

Banana Appetizers - Peel and mash over-ripened bananas to use in a quick banana bread or even a corn bread recipe. Mashed bananas over pancakes are mighty tasty and you save some of the calories, too. A great idea for mashed bananas is to top your cooked cereal in the morning.

Brazil Nut Appetizers - These aren't as commonly used as many of the other nuts, but they can be sliced, chopped, or ground and used in cookies, cakes, salads or stuffing. They can also replace macadamia nuts in recipes.

Deviled Egg Appetizers - To make deviled eggs with no mess put eggs yolks from hard boiled eggs in plastic sandwich bag. Add remaining ingredients, close bag and mix. When finished cut small tip off corner of bag and squeeze into hollowed egg white, then simply throw away the bag. No mess, no fuss.

Videos for Easy Appetizer Recipes

Sautéed Stuffed Jalapenos - Easy Appetizer Recipes
Appetizer Recipes: Quick Ham and Cheese Spiral ...
Easy Italian Appetizer Recipes : How to Make Coating for Mozzarella Sticks

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