Eat, Then Eat Again: Easy Thanksgiving Brunch Ideas

Eat, Then Eat Again: Easy Thanksgiving Brunch Ideas

Thanksgiving is all about the big bird for dinner but what if a beautiful brunch is a better fit for your menu? Read on for four easy dishes to create a fabulous Turkey Day brunch for your friends and family.

Start with the basics. The four most well known ingredients for a successful Thanksgiving include: cranberries, turkey, potatoes and stuffing. For brunch, you’re going to want to put a little twist on things. Here’s how you do it:

Cranberry Plum Chutney

Pictured: Cranberry Plum Chutney

Cranberries are perfect for adding a little pinch of tart sweetness to any dish. This chutney is also very versatile. For brunch, try serving it as an alternative to ketchup or salsa for breakfast burritos. Simply scramble some eggs with light salt and pepper. Then take large tortillas and spread a scoop of eggs in a row.

Add in your favorite cheese and roll like a burrito. Fry the burrito for a little bit in a saucepan with a heavy dish on top or toss it in a Panini press for a few seconds so that they stay together and get a little toasted. Pour the chutney over the burritos or serve on the side and enjoy!

Potato Pancakes

Pictured: Potato Pancakes

Simply delicious. That’s all you need to describe these crunchy, savory delights. Whip up these melt-in-your-mouth beauties and serve as a side to your breakfast burritos. Fry up some turkey bacon and crumble it into the mix before you form the cakes for added flavor. These are pretty filling. You can cut the heartiness by serving them with cool sour cream.

Portabella Mushroom Pizzas

Pictured: Portabella Mushroom Pizzas

With two other heavy dishes, you will want to go a little lighter with the rest. These portabella mushroom mini pizzas are perfect for an abstract take on everyone’s favorite mushroom stuffing. They are bite-size compliments that as delicious as they are unique. You can also use the turkey bacon here to keep up with the Thanksgiving theme.

Turkey Salad with Apples

Pictured: Turkey Salad with Apples

This salad is traditional, but you can serve it inside of a whole apple takes it up a notch. The apple is also a refreshing accent. Try using tortillas or lettuce to wrap the salad and make the dish more finger-food friendly. Also, feel free to add in some dried cranberries!

Be sure to serve all your dishes with a side of fresh fruit to add a pop of color and flavor. Compliment your dishes with an array of drinks as well. Coffee, iced tea and orange juice should do the trick. For the adults at brunch, you can make Bloody Marys and Mimosas.

Bill's Bloody Mary

Pictured: Bill's Bloody Mary

With this array of Thanksgiving-inspired fare, you’re brunch is sure to be a new family favorite!

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