Eating In September: Have An End Of Summer Cookout

Eating In September: Have An End Of Summer Cookout

It may be time to pack up the sunscreen and bathing suits, but don’t discount your grill just yet. There are plenty of beautiful days left for a delicious and fun cookout! Use every last nice day of the season to spend time with friends and eat delicious food.

Here, I’ll share some tips for a tasty and fun evening with your guests. Plan ahead as much as possible so you can enjoy the party with your friends instead of preparing tons of food in the kitchen.

Let’s start at the very beginning – appetizers. Avocados go out of season during the winter months, so we recommend a nice avocado salsa to use the produce while you still can. Try some of these delicious avocado recipes:

10 Ways To Use Avocados

The next step is arguably the most important – burgers! Take advantage of your grill while it is still warm enough. Even vegetarians can enjoy burgers. Recipe4Living houses tons of amazing veggie burger recipes. Explore, eat and enjoy.

Top 10 Burger Recipes

To make things simple, you can also cook your side dish on the grill. Almost every vegetable can be deliciously grilled. Just make a quick and easy marinade for extra flavor and toss them on the grill next to your burgers.

Superb Barbecue Sides

Last but certainly not least, pick a fun dessert. Fruit will go out of season, like avocados. Use them while you can! Here is a list of tasty and light summer dessert recipes:

12 Summer Fruit Desserts

Just remember: It’s never too late in the summer for a fun cookout! Invite your friends and family for a delicious meal that you’ll all love.

As a quick tip, be sure to watch the difference in cooking times between foods. You should plan cooking times before you start to cook so you don’t have a cooking crisis.

What are your favorite end-of-summer recipes?

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