Fishy Facts: Tips On Why Fish Is So Good For You

Fishy Facts: Tips On Why Fish Is So Good For You

Get the facts straight on fish! From health benefits to the mercury scare, learn everything you need to know about fish along with some great new recipes and an ocean of flavor for you to try!

The fish family is incredibly large, and might not even be done any justice by writing about fish in general. Today, it is possible to taste fish from all over the world, and the flavors can be unbelievably delicious and different from one fish to the next. However, some things can be said about fish overall. Fish, despite the mercury fears, is one of the healthiest things a person can eat.

Fish are high in protein, and healthy fats that promote eye health and decrease the likelihood of macular degeneration, a disease that leads to blindness in elderly people. Some fish, like sardines are also incredibly high in calcium. In fact, sardines beat milk for calcium content, ounce for ounce. Fish can also lend a lot of flavor to a dish without making the dish too heavy, which is something that other types of meat often do. Also, studies show that people who eat baked or broiled fish once a week had a lower risk of developing heart conditions.

So now that we've built up fish, let's tackle the mercury issue. Yes, mercury is bad for you. It's not exactly the sort of element you would want to consume if you had a choice. However, not all types of fish are high in mercury. Only more exotic, long-lived fish like Swordfish, Red Snapper, Orange Roughy and Shark tend to have high levels of mercury. Still, with any type of fish it is a legitimate concern, which is why when you eat fish, you should try accompanying it with tropical fruit to decrease your consumption of mercury.

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