Fit and Fab Living's 11 Cheat Day Treats

Fit and Fab Living's 11 Cheat Day Treats

If you want to have a cheat day but don't want to break your diet, check out these 11 recipes from Fit and Fab Living! Indulge without the bulge!

1) You don't have to feel too guilty about eating this sugar-free strawberry jello pie.

2) This small collection of gluten-free desserts will leave you guilt-free.

3) This Creamsicle Pie is easy to make and delicious.

4) This dark chocolate cookie bar recipe is paleo, and will live you saying Pal-ay-YES!

5) While we're on the subject of cookies, this dough is hidden with some health goodies.

6) Freezing your favorite berries and pairing them with some greek yogurt makes for a great, refreshing summer dessert.

7) Speaking of freezing, these lemon-lime popsicles are easy to make and a great afternoon cool-down.

8) These lemon bars, a family favorite courtesy Aunt Carol, are perfectly sweet and tart.

9) Whether they're for yourself, friends, or a gift, "cake in a jar" is cute, fun, and YUMMY!

10) It's a common misconception that chocolate=bad; this paleo chocolate mousse proves that chocolate can be just as healthy as it is heavenly.

11) With a few simple alternate ingredients, it's easy to make cupcakes healthy. These ones have a banana frosting!

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