Food Festivals

Food Festivals

In America we love our food and the festivals that honor our traditions. Food Festivals bring together both of those traditions and Recipe4Living has great Food Festival recipes for every taste.

From North to South; and East to West, food festivals are abound in the United States. The range of foods celebrated in these uniquely American events is a testament to not only our cultural diversity, but the wide range of foods grown here. From frog legs in Fellsmere, Florida to the Testical Festival in Clinton, Montana, some offerings can be down right bizarre. Even if your tastes don't run to Rocky Mountain Oysters or frog's legs you can still catch a fair near you featuring local heritage and foods.

Cities big and small have food festivals including The Taste Of Chicago and Taste of Arlington in Arlington, Virginia. The most common food festivals usually involve more mundane fare such as corn, oysters, crabs and strawberries. Most coincide with a local favorite such as The Wisconsin Cheese Festival held in Chute, Wisconsin. Held the first weekend in June it celebrates Wisconsin’s proud heritage as "The Dairy State". Los Angeles has a Tofu Festival and Dallas has a Greek Food Festival.

But you don't have to live in one of these areas to enjoy great festival favorites. You can easily make anything from apple pie in honor of the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival or oysters from the St. Mary's County Oyster Festival. Start your own food festival with one of our great food festival recipes.

Apple Dumplings
This is an apple dessert that you have a little control over. You can make the dough as thick as you like or thin. It's sweet, simple, and always looks nice.

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Deep and tasty, this is true Chicago style pizza!

Hungarian Goulash
This beef stew with noodles is full of sweet and sour, delicious flavors.

Pastitsio (Greek Casserole)
This Greek casserole calls for both garlic and the sweet spice, cinnamon. Mix these two together and enjoy this mouth watering dish.

Oysters Chesapeake
Quick and easy to make, with dry white wine and paprika.

This shrimp and smoked sausage dish can be easily altered to your tastes, such as by using chicken or different seasonings.

She-Crab Chowder

A thick and creamy soup that will comfort you to your soul!

Spam Salad
An easy to make and super-cheap salad for many different occasions.

Pennsylvania Dutch Pork and Sauerkraut
Get this together in the morning so it will be ready by dinner time -- with a 12-hour cooking time, you have to!

Cold Melon Soup

A delicious summer soup served chilled with mint sprigs on top – oh, so elegant!

Double Dipped Strawberries
This classic dessert is always a party favorite. They look beautiful on a serving tray and there are never any leftovers!

Cherry Crisp
This super-easy recipe can be thrown together in minutes, but bakes for hours. Make sure to have some vanilla ice cream on hand!

Blueberry Scones
Adding fruit to scones makes them an excellent choice for breakfast and teatime.

Cheese 'N Apple Soup

Made with Gouda cheese and apple juice, this soup is simple and delicious.

Frog Leg's Roadhouse Style

According to many, frog legs taste very similar to chicken. Try these made with an herb mayonnaise.

Now that you have a selection of great regional and unusual foods, go ahead and start cooking!


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