For the Love of Farmers Markets

For the Love of Farmers Markets

When I was growing up, we used to get most of our groceries from the supermarket. Maybe it was because I loved riding in the cart, sneaking a few candies onto the checkout conveyor belt, and just getting to run around all the aisles, but I didn’t really question where my food was coming from. Recently, I’ve been becoming more and more conscious about my food choices, and have come to love the farmers market. Keep reading for more on why farmers markets are so great and how to find one in your area!

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Discover New Ingredients: The first time I went to a farmers market, I found out that there were such things as purple asparagus and green garlic! At first, I thought the green garlic was a scallion, but the farmer was happy to give me a lesson on what green garlic is (immature bulbs of garlic) and tell me several ways to use them (just like garlic, grill them, use the flavorful roots as a salad topping). Had I continued to shop where I always did, I don’t think I’d ever have learned about all the new kinds of produce options that exist!

Support Local Farmers: In Illinois, we’re in the heart of farm country. That’s why I don’t see any reason to get produce that could be grown here from anywhere else. The closer to the farm that the item is purchased and used, the more delicious everything is. Plus, it’s nice to actually meet local farmers (and usually their families who come along) and get a sense of their passion for their work. 

Money, Money, Money (…Money): There’s no comparison between a genetically modified, mass-produced fruits and vegetables and the organically grown real thing. By shopping at a farmers market, you get the best of both worlds. Fresh, locally, and organically grown produce at a fraction of the price the high-end supermarkets charge!  

Credit Cards: Believe it or not, most farmers markets actually accept credit cards now. I don’t know about you, but I’m not someone who usually carries cash. The ability to buy higher-quality produce using the same method as a grocery store is fantastic!

To find the farmers market in your area: check out Local Harvest and search! 

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