Fourth of July Sugar Cookies

Fourth of July Sugar Cookies

Don't wait until the winter holidays to decorate some sugar cookies!

Nothing is quite as magical as biting into the perfect sugar cookie. You know what I'm talking about: that perfect crunch on the outside, but perfectly soft, buttery, and chewy on the inside. Unfortunately, it seems that these sugar cookies only turn up around the winter holidays. But sugar cookies are great any time of the year, and can be decorated according to any holiday – so why not AMERICA DAY! Better known as the Fourth of July, or Independence today.

This sugar cookie recipe is top-rated on, and the picture shows an adorably and appropriately-decorated pile of patriotic yumminess. What says America more than butter and frosting?

I will definitely be whipping up a batch of these sugar cookies and decorating them with my own prideful twist for the nearing holiday.,-White,-and-Blue&evt19=1


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