French Food on a Budget

French Food on a Budget

French food is one of my favorite types of cuisine. Initially, I thought it would be pretentious and overly delicate, but the bulk of it is delicious and simple to prepare. Instead of getting all hoity-toity and sharing some recipes that use specialized, expensive ingredients I thought I’d share some of our French selections for people on a budget. We can all eat well, regardless of how much we want to spend on food. Put on your berets, or don’t, and read on!

A Simple French Salad: This classic French salad is the perfect weeknight meal. It's quick, easy, delicious, and brings a little Parisian flare to your dinner table. Try it out tonight!

A Classic French Appetizer with Sausage: Alright, the title makes it seem fancy but it really isn't. It's French name makes it sound even fancier, Saucisson En Croute, but all it is are sausages in pastry. It's great when served with some spicy mustard.

Goat Cheese Croquettes: Croquettes are one of my favorite foods. Usually, they're made by grinding meat, coating, and frying into bite-size pieces. Since I've gone vegetarian, I decided to try making a variant using goat cheese. Trust me, these are absolutely delicious and perfect for either a formal or casual party!

Fabulous French Onion Soup: This classic French soup doesn't have to be reserved to fancy restaurants anymore. This simple and inexpensive recipe will have your guests feeling like they’re dining at an outdoor bistro in the heart of Paris.

Steak au Poivre: This sautéed steak dish gets topped with a heavenly brandy-cream sauce.

Pleasant Profiteroles: These profiteroles are the perfect dessert after a meal. The light pastry is accented by the rich cream and chocolate sauce. They're great!

Foolproof Brioche: I cannot bake, but I do love brioche. At the supermarket, it's one of the more expensive breads, so I like to make it at home sometimes. Take it from me, this recipe is easy enough for a non-baker to make.


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