Frittata! Gezundheit! All About The Enigmatic Recipe

Frittata! Gezundheit! All About The Enigmatic Recipe

Frittata - to fry - is part omelet, part quiche, and all delicious! It is the ultimate leftover food: take whatever you have on hand, blend it with eggs, cook it up, and less than 20 minutes later, those leftover scraps you had in your fridge are suddenly a wonderful meal! Unlike an omelet, it isn't folded; and unlike quiche, it has no crust. This makes it especially popular with the high-protein, low carbohydrate crowd.

Frittata! Gezundheit! All About The Enigmatic Recipe

The ingredient possibilities are as endless as for omelets. Meat, vegetarian, Western, the traditional "tortilla de patatas" made with chunks of boiled potatoes... the list goes on, limited only by imagination.

Instead of folding the ingredients into a semi-cooked omelet, they are mixed into the raw egg mixture and the whole is poured into the pan.

It is then cooked over low heat until half set, and put under a grill or in a pre-heated oven for a few minutes to finish cooking.

The result is light, fluffy egg chock full of flavor from whatever you decide to put in.

Recipe4Living has over 40 recipes for frittata that run the gamut from breakfast to supper time.

Popular ingredients are ham, cheese, peppers, ground meat for a fun Tex-Mex treat, and of course bacon. Everything is better with bacon.

That's not to say vegetarians are limited in their choices. A delicious spinach and cheese frittata with onions and mushrooms can be served any time of day, hot or cold.

Frittata can be eaten fresh from the pan, or stored in the fridge for 2-3 days. Eat it cold like a slice of pizza if you are on the go, or reheat it for a couple of minutes and serve it with a side salad or fried potatoes to make a full meal out of it.

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