Get Ready for Game Day With A Tailgating Party!

Get Ready for Game Day With A Tailgating Party!

Looking for the ultimate tailgating party guide? Whether you’re a tailgating newbie or a long-time veteran, throw a party, serve up some tasty grub, and get your game face on! Grilling is the best way to go when you’re tailgating, and if you have mini-grill and a cooler, then you’re golden!

Tailgaters can usually be found stationed outside the football stadium. Come August, the stadium closest to you will be the place to be. But even if you don’t have tickets to the game, throwing a tailgating party in your backyard or in your home, can be just as fun!

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Warm up with these party snacks, and get ready for a football-filled morning, afternoon and night!

Pepperoni Puffs
Boilermaker Tailgate Chili
Beer Dip
Buffalo Wings
Grilled Chicken Wings

Main Courses
Score points with your friends by serving these grilled favorites.

Pizza Burgers
Chili Dogs
Barbecued Shrimp
Spicy Grilled Quesadillas
Ultimate Grilled Steak

Side Dishes
Zesty Baked Beans
Creamed Cole Slaw
Cornbread Muffins
Foil Packet Grilled Taters and Onions
Family-Friendly Pasta Salad

Add some sweetness into your menu with these bite-size desserts!

Caramel Cashew Squares
Graham-Crumb Cookies
Hopscotch Crunchies
Jalapeno Brownies

If you’d rather skip the beer, but still want a buzz, try one of these cocktails!

Bill’s Bloody Mary
Ginger Sparkler
Sparkling Ginger Mint Lemonade
Peach Sangria
Peanut Butter and Jelly Shooter

Presentation Pointers:

  1. If you don’t have enough room to pack a fold-up table in your car, make sure to bring blankets or other flat surface to eat off of. If you don’t have anything handy, eating on the car or just plopping down on the ground is the top choice.
  2. Bring a cooler and pack beer, if the cocktails above don’t suit your or your friends. Also, pack lots of  frozen bottled water in your cooler. It’ll cool you off, and hydrate you on a hot day, especially if you plan to drink alcohol.
  3. If your car doesn’t have powerful speaker, bring a boom box. You’ll want to listen to the pregame or at least some music, while eating and drinking.

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