Get Sassy with Salsa

Get Sassy with Salsa

Salsa is a classic side anytime of year. You can top off dishes with it, serve it up as a snack with chips or get creative and come up with a million different variations.

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For fun do-it-yourself salsa ideas try out these fantastic recipes:

Fresh Salsa: Fresh ingredients create a salsa that will beat out the canned variety every time.

Presidential Salsa: Cherries can be used for more than just filling pies. This sweet and zesty salsa can be a condiment for chicken, turkey, or pork. Or try it as a side dish on top of brown rice, or as a dip with whole-grain

White Salsa: Surprise your guests with something different to sink their chips into.

Caribbean Salsa: This is great to serve with tortilla chips, but also great to serve with scrambled eggs or 2 C. mixed into a quiche before baking.

Corn Salsa: This salsa is a pretty and healthful dip for your next party or gathering.

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