Go Nuts: 11 Nutty Recipes

Mixed Nuts

If you love salty treats, than you'll love this collection of recipes featuring - nuts! In moderation, nuts are an important source of nutrients and "good" fats. So don't be afraid to go a little nuts over these delicious recipes!

Beer Nuts - These sweet and salty nuts are the perfect snack, whether or not it's with a beer.

Saltines with Chocolate Nuts - This ingenious recipe tastes a lot like toffee – without all the extra work!

Spicy Nuts - Hot pepper sauce, teriyaki, and dried mustard spice up a mixture of nuts.

Small Nut Rolls - My mom and grandmother would make these wonderful nut rolls at every holiday.

Swedish Nuts - The mixture of almonds, pecans and walnuts mixed with sugar, salt and egg whites are a fantastic dish to put out for guests to nibble on before the big meal is served.

Kundapur Kashew Kernels - I use cashew nuts for this recipe as the kernels are not easily available where I live. This is a great favorite with family and friends.

Beef with Nuts - Great low-carb meal, for those watching their weight, without sacrificing the flavor!

Nut Butter - Don't spend money at the grocery store, when you can make your own healthy nut butter at home!

Mixed-Nut Brittle Bars - These crunchy and chewy bars bring rave reviews from all palates. They store well, so they're perfect for gift baskets too.

Bowties and Pine Nuts - This dish is great served warm or cold. A real favorite at my household!

Hot Macadamia Dip - The nutty flavor of the macadamia combined with the smooth cream cheese is the perfect mixture.

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