Grab The Chips: 8 Great Dips

Grab The Chips: 8 Great Dips

Bust out the tortilla chips! These dips are amazing with tortilla chips, crackers, pitas and more. Enjoy a tapenade or a crab dip, a veggie dip or some layered taco goodness and enjoy these eight amazing appetizers dips. Dig in!

Baked Crab Dip: This delicious treat is one that everyone always enjoys!

Refried Bean Dip: Cream cheese and a touch of spice= everything nice.

Buffalo Chicken Dip: Leftover chicken? Try this easy dip dish for a snack or appetizer.

Georgia Caviar: It's not fish; it's black-eyed peas and other veggies! This chunky dip can be made hot or mild. Once you start eating this, you CAN'T stop.

Grandma Annette's 7-Layer Taco Dip
This is a family favorite; there's never a scoop left. It's so easy to throw together and looks really nice on the table (before everyone starts attacking it)!

Spinach Dip:
This is a recipe that has stood the test of time; it is always requested by guests.

Robust Onion-Olive Tapenade
: We owe a big thank you to the cuisine of Provincial France for tapenade, a savory black olive paste that is absolutely divine on bread, pasta, or salads. It's a cinch to make and completely versatile: you can use it as an appetizer, snack, salad, side, or as a tasty condiment for your main dish!

Sin: Love this yummy dip in a bread bowl and love the name even more!

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