Grilled Sweet Fruit Kabobs

Grilled Sweet Fruit Kabobs

There are so many variations when considering a fruit-filled side dish or dessert. In the summer heat however, baking fruit pies or other scrumptious dishes may not always be an option. It may seem unconventional, but grilling your fruit is a fun way to enjoy a sweet treat without turning your house into a sauna! Keep reading to find four grilled fruit kabob recipes that will surly be a crowd pleaser at your next party.


Delicious Fruit Kabob Recipes: 


Raspberry Goat Cheese Grilled Fruit Kabobs


This recipe proves that goat cheese really will go with just about everything. The creamy cheese yet sweet sugary zing of the raspberries in this sauce make it a perfect addition to warm, grilled fruit kabobs. The grilled fruits are already bursting with flavor but the sauce gives a nice contrast in texture as well as flavor. 


Grilled Fruit Kabobs with Tangy Lime and Honey Yogurt


If you’re looking for a more zesty fruit kabob try out this recipe. It has more of a refreshing taste with fresh lime zest and tangy plain yogurt. Sweet honey rounds out the flavor so that the sauce compliments the grilled fruit to perfection. 


Sweet Grilled Chocolate Fruit Kabob Skewers


A modern twist on traditional fondue, this recipe is made extra special with a hint of cinnamon in the chocolate sauce and fresh shaved coconut to garnish. The fruit will melt in your mouth straight off the grill while the chocolate sauce handles your cocoa fix for the night. Garnishing with subtly coconut adds that extra wow factor to your dessert that guests will be talking about for weeks! 


Grilled Fruit Kabobs Glazed with Punchy Cumin and Maple Syrup


In the spirit of hitting all the main tastes, next up is spicy. This punchy cumin and maple syrup glaze is fantastic over soft grilled fruit pieces. It adds a kick of flavor that is unexpected yet delicious. The spice is also not overwhelming to the point where you miss the sweet flavor of the fruit. Combining the spice with smoky maple syrup is a great way to play up the sweetness of the fruit as well. 


Try any one of these incredible grilled fruit kabob recipes and see why grilling your desserts in the summer may just be your favorite new trick! Grilling releases all the natural sweetness of ripe fruits highlighting their flavor. Pairing them with these eclectic sauces and glazes will transform your cool new dessert dish into a top chef worthy dish. Bon Appétit!  


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