Halloween eCookbook

Witch's Brew

Treat all the goblins and ghouls in your life and download the tricks that are up our sleeves! Find tons of kid-friendly Halloween recipes plus some adult Halloween favorites too!

For all creepiest Halloween recipes, be sure to download this ghoulishly good ecookbook!  These recipes are perfect for throwing the best Halloween bash ever!

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Here's just a few of the many Halloween recipes you'll find:


Witch's Brew Punch - Guests will go for this spicy blend of fruit juice and cider. (Page 3)

Nuclear Waste - This deliciously disgusting drink is not at all appetizing, but one sip and you'll be hooked! Try it at your next spooky party. (Page 7)

Horror d'Oeuvres

Strained Eyeballs - Creep out your friends with these egg and cheese eyeballs, "strained" with the addition of ketchup. (Page 9)

Skeleton Bread - This bread is shaped like a giant skeleton, so guests can literally tear it "limb-from-limb." (Page 12)

Deathly Dinners

Halloween Chili - This thick chili has an ominous look that will fill up all your ghouls before they go out Trick-or-Treating. (Page 16)

Jack-O-Pizza - This is a fun dish to serve at your Halloween party that is festive without being unappetizing. This pizza with grin back at you! (Page 17)

Treats, No Tricks

Black Cat Cookies - These chocolate cookies are the perfect addition to a Halloween party or to dazzle those trick-or-treaters. (Page 21)

Dirt Cemetery - Cookie tombstones and whipped cream ghosts make a spooky and delicious Halloween treat. (Page 24)

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