Halloween Food and Fun

What could be better than a holiday where you get to dress up as anything you like, be it scary or just plain ridiculous, and enjoy all the candy and treats you want? Halloween is just around the corner! With trick-or-treating and eerie decorations, we all know this playful holiday is a blast for kids, and Halloween parties are a fun way for adults to celebrate too.  Here are some tips and ideas for a spooktacular (and safe) Halloween.

Trick or Treating  While running around the neighborhood collecting candy can be one of the best parts of Halloween, here are some things that parents should keep in mind to keep kids safe.

  • While traveling with an adult for trick-or-treating is a must for younger children, plan out the route at least for your older children going out with their friends. Firmly specify a time to be home and give them a flashlight. 
  • A glow-stick or reflective materials on the costume will make kids more visible to cars.
  • Check to make sure children's' costumes are not made of nylon, vinyl, or other flammable materials. The costume label should specify fire retardant.
  • Make sure your children know to stay in populated areas and not to cut through fields or alleys.
  • Instruct your children not to eat anything until everyone is home and you have a chance to inspect the treats. Make them a favorite filling dinner before going trick-or-treating.
  • As always, talk to your kids about not getting into strangers' cars and what is safe for Halloween.

Ok, enough of that, now for the fun stuff!

Decorating Ideas

  • Hollow out small pumpkins and use them to hold votive or tea-light candles. You can even carve a little face in the pumpkin.
  • Hang lot strands of white thread from your porch to simulate spider webs. Just make them long enough so little ghouls can feel them too!
  • Make a scarecrow by stuffing an old, long sleeved shirt and pants with newspaper. Use a plastic pumpkin for the head and stuff just around the edges with straw.
  • For a great centerpiece or entryway accent, fill a black plastic cauldron with hot water. Drop in some dry ice (always use tongs with dry ice!) and a glow-stick for an eerie bubbling look.
  • Try something new with those jack-o-lanterns by hanging them from the porch with plant hangers at different heights. They will look like spooky, glowing faces in the dark.

Family Activities

  • Visit a Pumpkin Farm- Instead of buying a pumpkin at the local grocery store, find a pumpkin farm in your area. Make it a family outing and let kids pick out a pumpkin for carving.
  • Pumpkin carving and painting- While children should not be using knives or the small saw in carving kits, let kids help pick out the design for the jack-o-lantern. Have them draw the face on the pumpkin for you to carve out or have them paint on a face. Use lots of small pumpkins and your kids can get really creative!
  • Roasting Pumpkin Seeds- Don't waste the seeds after cooking your pie or making jack-o-lanterns. Instead, roast and salt the seeds for a delicious and nutritious snack. Let the children slosh through the fibers in pursuit of the slippery seeds. It is so much fun. Check out this recipe for roasted seeds.
  • Halloween Food Game- Food and kitchen items become ghoulish objects in this fun Halloween activity. Kids will love to feel the creepy items and imagine the gross things they could be. Check it out here.
  • Other Fun Food Activities:


Party Appetizers

Jack-o-Lantern Cheese Ball - This is a festive Halloween appetizer that everyone will love. It looks like a pumpkin but has delicious pumpkin and cheese flavor.

Jack-O-Pizza -This is a fun dish to serve at your Halloween party that is festive without being unappetizing. This pizza with grin back at you!

Cheese Eyeballs - This is a fun Halloween party appetizer to really creep out your friends.

Skeleton Bread- This bread is shaped like a giant skeleton, so guests can literally tear it "limb-from-limb."

Halloween Fun Popcorn Crunch -Popcorn, pumpkin seeds, cranberries and banana chips attempt to make this sweet snack a little healthier.

Monster Munchies - Keep your little ghouls happy this Halloween with these filling snack balls or bars.

Party Cocktails

Nuclear Waste - This deliciously disgusting drink is not at all appetizing, but one sip and you'll be hooked! Try it at your next spooky party.

Blood Cocktail - Forget the garlic around your neck, serve this drink to all the vampires at your Halloween party.

Sweet Treats

Haunted Pizza - This sweet treat looks like a candied graveyard! It's so easy to make and always looks festive for Halloween. 

Teeny Weeny Witch's Hats - Chocolate Kisses make these creative cookies look like witch's hats in the bewitching spirit of Halloween.

Black Cat Cupcakes - These adorably cupcakes are easy to make and the kids can help with them too!

Wormy Baked Apples - Compared to all the other Halloween treats, this one is relatively low in sugar, but it's still absolutely festive and fun so the kids will love it!

Halloween Rocky Road Brownies - Marshmallows, nuts and fudge brownies make this a sweet Halloween favorite.

Creepy Bugs - This is a quick and easy recipe that festive and fun. Perfect for classroom Halloween parties when you don't have much time to prepare.

Goblin Balls - A thick, candy syrup poured over popcorn makes these sweet treats.

Dirt Cemetery - Cookie tombstones and whipped cream ghosts make a spooky and delicious Halloween treat.

Black Cat Cookies - These chocolate cookies are the perfect addition to a Halloween party or to dazzle those trick-or-treaters.

Graveyard Gelatin Dessert- Get in the spirit of Halloween with this clever dessert with cookie "tombstones."

Halloween Worms - Kids will slurp up these fruit-flavored gummy worms.

Spooky and Even Gross

Edible Eyeballs - Yellow gelatin and blueberries make for a slimy Halloween treat that really look like eyeballs!

Chocolate-Covered Bugs - Really gross out your Halloween guests with these "bugs" that even have a crunch!

Spooky Eyes - Use hard boiled eggs to make these creepy eyeballs!

Glycol Punch - This is a non-alcoholic punch that everyone will love and the eerie yellow-green color is absolutely ghastly.

Spider Cake - When this cake is cut into, it spurts green goop, just like a real spider when stepped on

Eerie Witch's Brew - A smoking cauldron of punch made with grapes and orange peel masquerading as eyeballs and worms.

Scary "Goulade" - This "Goulade" really packs a punch when you float a frightening , ghostly blue hand in your serving bowl.

Strained Eyeballs - Creep out your friends with these egg and cheese eyeballs, "strained" with the addition of ketchup.

Dirty Bath Water - This is a fun drink to make for kids during Halloween – they'll be so grossed out they'll all want to try it!

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