Have Your Own Game Watching Party

Have Your Own Game Watching Party

There's nothing better than watching the game with friends and chowing down on some tasty food! Now that it's football season, have your friends over to cheer on your favorite team and indulge in this game watching party menu.

Whether you watch college sports, professional sports or both, there's always reason to have a party when it comes to watching the game. Gather around the TV and enjoy some delicious game-watching food. What else are commercial breaks for? Stock the house with plenty of beer, chips and dip, and some of the tasty suggestions below!


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Prepare some great gameday starters with chips and salsa or hot wings!

Corn and Bean Salsa

The Very Best Hot Wings

Three Cheese Chili Bites

Sausage Cheese Balls

Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

Main Courses

Prepare foods that are easy to eat in hand while watching the game: brats or burgers will do just the trick!

Cheese Stuffed Brats

Greek Style Burgers with Tzatziki

Easy Chicken Fajitas

Baked Barbecue Wings

Vegetable Bratwurst Kabobs

Side Dishes Football Biscuits

Firehouse Baked Beans

Sweet Potato Chips

Pig Skin Braciole

Tater Tot Casserole


Finish the meal with sweets that everyone loves: brownies, popsicles or even pie!

Easy Lemonade Pie

Berry Good Popsicles

Caramel Brownies

Magic Peanut Butter Cookies

Pineapple Dump Cake


Stock the fridge with beer but also serve one of these tasty cocktails or coolers!


Southern Comfort Punch

Citrus Cooler

Melon Spritz

Southern Sweet Iced Tea

Presentation Pointers:

1. Be sure you have enough seats around your TV for all your guests. Squeeze in extra chairs, couches and even pillows or rugs!

2. Keep appetizers on tables by the TV so guests can munch on them all throughout the meal. The rest of the courses can be served buffet style in the kitchen or on a buffet.

3. If everyone has a collective favorite team they're cheering for, decorate the room with pennants, banners or other items with the team's name. Encourage guests to wear jerseys or team-related shirts.

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