Healthy Chicken Recipes, Tips & Videos!

Healthy Chicken Recipes, Tips & Videos!

Chicken is one of the best tasting foods ever! Not only can it be cooked hundreds of different ways, but it is also one of the healthier meats, depending on how you cook it of course. On its own, white meat chicken is a low-fat, high-protein choice and a staple food for many families. Enjoy these healthy chicken recipes, tips and videos about one of America's favorite foods - Chicken!

Healthy Chicken Recipes

Chicken and Cherries

Chicken and Broccoli with Garlic Sauce

Chicken Montanara

Chicken and Vegetable Bundles

Chicken Chili Soup

Healthy Chicken Recipe Tips

How to thaw chicken

  • Always freeze uncooked chicken if it is not to be used within 2 days.
  • Chicken should not be thawed on the countertop.
  • It takes about 24 hours to thaw a 4-pound chicken in the refrigerator. Cut-up parts, 3 to 9 hours.
  • For quick thawing of raw or cooked chicken use the microwave. Thawing time will vary according to your microwave.
  • Chicken may also be safely thawed in cold water. Place chicken in its original wrap or watertight plastic bag in cold water. Change water often. It takes about 2 hours to thaw a whole chicken.

Helpful Hint: to cube chicken,refrigerate after cooking. Wait until and gets cold and then it will be so much easier to cut!

 Storage Life of Cooked, leftover poultry

  • Refrigerator: 3-4 days
  • Freezer: 4-6 months

Healthy Chicken Recipe Videos - Enjoy these videos of how to prepare healthy chicken recipes

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Healthy Homemade Chicken Soup


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