Healthy Fish Recipes eCookbook

healthy fish recipes

Fish is not only terrifically tasty, but it’s one of the healthiest meats out there! Add some omega-3s to your diet by downloading this eCookbook and trying these recipes today!

Whether you’re watching your weight or you just want to add some extra nutrients to your diet, fish is the way to go.  Our Healthy Fish Recipes eCookbook is filled with all sorts of simple and delicious fish recipes that will keep you slim!  You will find sections focused around every fish, from flounder and cod to salmon and tuna!

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Here are just a few of the tasty fish recipes you’ll find in the Health Fish Recipes eCookbook:

Salmon Recipes

Baked Dijon Salmon - This is a wonderful way to prepare fresh salmon fillets in the oven. Baking the fish keeps the dish low in fat and healthy. (page 18)

Citrus Salmon - I absolutely love this recipe for citrus salmon. Adding the juice and zest of a orange, lemon and lime with white wine on top of spinach is amazing. It tastes like something you would spend an ungodly amount of money on at a Seafood restaurant. (page 25)

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Tuna Recipes

Tuscan Tuna and Grilled Vegetable Wraps - These gourmet wraps are full of flavor, and healthy too! The high protein tuna and low carb tortillas make this a perfect meal on or off the diet. (page 27)

Lemon Pepper Tuna Sandwich - Try this zesty, low-fat sandwich for your work lunchbox! (page 26)

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White Fish Recipes

Baked White Fish Filets – This easy, healthy meal has tasty seasoning from the oregano and tomato juice. (page 14)

Pan-Roasted Flounder Filets with Fresh Lemon - This is a low-fat dish with lots of zesty flavor. (page 10)

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