Healthy Veggie Recipes, Tips & Videos

Healthy Veggie Recipes, Tips & Videos

Eating vegetables is an important part of a balanced diet, maintaining a healthy body weight and getting essential nutrients! Healthy veggie recipes are just what you need! Not only are these healthy veggie recipes good for your body, but they taste delicious, too! Add these healthy veggie recipes to your dinner table to keep you and your family happy and healthy.

Healthy Veggie Recipes

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Dill Maple Glazed Carrots

Easy Escarole

Fake Baked Sweet Potato

Okra Medley

Roasted Veggies

Healthy Veggie Recipe Tips

Keep lettuce and celery fresh - Use aluminum foil to wrap your lettuce and celery.  It will keep them fresh for quite a long time.


 Boiling – length of cooking time depends on the freshness of the corn. If the corn is young, fresh and tender (picked that morning), remove the husks and cook for 2 minutes maximum in rapidly boiling unsalted water (salt makes the kernels tough) and forget the sugar, the corn is sweet enough. If the corn is a bit older or has been refrigerated, boil it for 4 minutes.

Microwave  – Best for cooking only one or two ears of corn. Cook with husks off at the highest setting (one ear for 2 minutes, two ears for 5). Rub ears with butter or olive oil
before cooking, if desired.

Roasting on the grill – Husks on or off, there's really no need to soak the ears or remove the silks (they'll come off with the husk). Place on hot grill. If husks are on, let them char a bit to impart a wonderfully smoky flavor to the corn and grill six to eight minutes. Or remove husks for beautiful color and taste (the heat caramelizes the sugar in the corn) and grill for 3 minutes.

Roasting in the oven – Set temperature to 450 degrees and roast 6-8 minutes with husk on. If you desire seasoning, first pull back the husk, rub with flavored butter or olive oil and pull the husks back over the tops.

Videos of Healthy Veggie Recipes

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