Holiday Recipes from Macy's Celebrity Chefs

Holiday Recipes from Macy's Celebrity Chefs

These Thanksgiving and holiday recipes come from the chefs that make up Macy's Culinary Council. Macy's Culinary Council is a team of distinguished chefs including well-known names like Cat Cora and Wolfgang Puck. All of these recipes come from the Macy's Culinary Council Thanksgiving and Holiday cookbook.

Dorayaki Pancakes by Takashi Yagihashi: “Dorayaki, pancake sandwiches filled with red bean paste, are a popular Japanese snack with tea. To turn them into a party dessert, I add candied walnuts and top them with ice cream and honey. They’re like miniature pancake sundaes.”

White Chocolate Berry–Cherry Bread Pudding by Wolfgang Puck: “Bread pudding is great for entertaining because you can serve it hot, warm, or at room temperature. Frozen spring and summer fruits bring bright, festive color and flavor to this winter dessert.”

Pineapple-Champagne Granita by Ming Tsai: “A granita is about the easiest frozen dessert you can make. It takes no time to put together, and you don’t even need an ice-cream freezer. You’ll use most of the bottle of Champagne to make this recipe. Save the rest to pour into each serving dish the next day. If it’s a bit flat, that’s fine—you’re only adding a splash. You can also make the granita with sparkling cider for kids and nondrinkers.”

Pumpkin Tart by Nancy Silverton: “This is my kind of pumpkin pie—a tart made with just a hint of pumpkin and plenty of cream.”

Lemon Raspberry Trifle by Tim Scott: “A trifle is an easy way to serve an elegant dessert to a lot of people. If you’ve got a little more time, make individual servings by layering the same ingredients in martini glasses.”
Chorizo-Style Meatballs with Tomatillo-Avocado Salsa by Marcus Samuelsson: “These make a fun contrast in flavor and color to the Swedish meatballs. They taste a lot like fresh Mexican chorizo, especially when you serve them with my chunky guacamole-style salsa.”

Breakfast Casserole with Broccoli, Ham, and Cheese by Emeril Lagasse: “This casserole is packed with broccoli and lighter on eggs than the usual savory bread pudding, so it won’t fill you up before the big meal later in the day.”

Maple Whipped Sweet Potatoes by Marc Forgione: “This has been a fixture on our Thanksgiving table all my life. My dad came up with it at An American Place, and everyone who tastes it swears they’ll never make sweet potatoes any other way. The hazelnut brown butter is my extra spin.”

Spaghetti and Shellfish by Todd English: “If you’re good at juggling pots and pans, you can back-time this so the seafood and pasta are ready at the same time. Or, just keep the sauteed seafood warm while you cook the spaghetti. Either way, you’ll have an authentic frutti di mare pasta with the added holiday luxury of lobster.”

Coffee-Bean Turkey with Sweet Onion Gravy by Tom Douglas: “Seattle is famous for its coffee. And that inspired me to stuff the turkey cavity with whole roasted coffee beans. Turns out they add a nice toasty-smoky aroma that seasons the bird from within. I leave them in even after the turkey’s done. If a few slip out at the table while I’m carving, it’s a good conversation starter.”

VaLee’s White Chocolate Pecan Pie by Cat Cora: “My mom, VaLee, makes this classic pie with a sweet little twist: a layer of white chocolate chips nestled in with the pecans.”

Warm Christmas Punch by Rick Bayless: “The bright crimson of this famous Mexican Christmas punch always puts people in a holiday mood. Tejocote—the sweet-tart fruit of the hawthorn, reminiscent of a crab apple—comes into season at Christmastime, and it’s the defining ingredient of this drink.”

Mom’s Brisket by Michelle Bernstein: “Well . . . I added the ketchup, but the rest is basically Mom’s. I’ve been eating this all my life, and it’s never once been dry or tough. The trick is, you cook it, cool it, slice it, and then reheat it in its own gravy when it’s time to eat. For a big group, it’s a dream come true.”


Recipes and photos courtesy of The Macy’s Culinary Council Thanksgiving & Holiday Cookbook.

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