Host a Fantasy Football Draft Party

Host a Fantasy Football Draft Party

Every year come football season, millions of people get ready to partake in a fantasy football draft with their buddies. Just several weeks before football season begins, those very fanatics are glued to their TV’s watching ESPN, learning the stats of each pro football player and who might be the best this season, or who is already injured.

So are you one of the millions who are studying up on all the stats of the pro football players? Are you getting ready for your fantasy football draft? Or maybe your significant other (like mine) is the one who is obsessed with getting the best fantasy football team. Either way let all of your hard work pay off by hosting a fantasy football draft party. Jerseys are Welcome When you decide on a date that works for everyone, send out a football-themed invitation (or just make calls to everyone,) and ask each person to come wearing a jersey of their favorite team and player. This will set the mood for a great draft party.

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It’s a Lengthy Process Drafting players for a fantasy football team usually takes several hours. Not only does everyone have to pick a player each turn, but there are always trades being made. So for this kind of party, being comfortable is the most important thing. You will need to make sure you have enough comfortable chairs or couches for all your guests. Some fantasy football drafters like to have ESPN on when the draft is taking place so if this is the case then make sure a big TV is positioned well for all of your guests.

Be Creative and Helpful If you want to be super organized for this draft, try making a draft board. Having a draft board makes it easier for all your friends to see who has who and what players are still up for drafting. Making a draft board takes no time at all and is very simple. All you need is a piece of poster board, markers and index cards. To create the draft board, all you need to do is separate the board into as many sections as there are people are partaking in the draft. Write each person’s name (or their team name) in a section and make sure to leave plenty of room under the name. Write each football player's name onto individual index cards (or cut up pieces depending on what size would be appropriate) Make sure you leave plenty of room under the name so you can tape each player that is drafted underneath it. This way everyone can see each person’s team. When trades are being made just take that pro football players name off and stick it underneath whoever takes him. Don’t forget when writing down the football player that you add the team they are playing on and the position they play.

Be Prepared Always make sure you have all the necessary supplies needed for the draft party, such as, pens, paper, stats on all players and of course, food and beverages.

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An Added Bonus Point – The Field Goal (You gotta have a frosty beverage) When you think about what to drink during a football game, usually the first thing that comes to mind is a nice frosty beer. Below are some recipes for punches just in case you have some guests who don’t like the taste of beer. Caribbean Rum Punch Southern Comfort Punch Planter's Punch Party Punch New Year's Punch Zingy Red Punch

Good luck everyone!

Oh, I have to add this in - Go KC Chiefs and Go Chicago Bears!

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