Host a Texas Hold 'Em Party

Host a Texas Hold 'Em Party

Pick up your phone, call some friends and host a Texas Hold ’Em card night. If you stack the cards right, you might be the one walking away with the money!

Preparing for the Party:

1. Invite at least five people, but no more than eight. You don’t want the poker table to get overcrowded.

2. Find yourself a poker kit. If you don't have your own, borrow from a friend or get a cheap one at the store. A poker kit should consist of: a deck of cards, different colored chips, a dealers chip, and one small and one big blind chip. (Note: Make sure you will have enough poker chips for all your guests. Assume that each person will need at least forty chips.)

3. Read up on how to play Texas Hold’ Em. Make sure you know the rules like the back of your hand, in case your guests have questions.

4. Buy a swatch of green felt big enough to fit the top of your table. This will guard your table from any scratches from the poker chips and will also help set the mood for the game.

5. If you want to hand out party favors, go to a dollar store or a party outlet and find some cheap sunglasses for your guests to wear during the game.

Chekc out these sites for additional decoration suggestions:

Plum Party Supplies

Ziggos Casino 

Party Supply World 

Century Novelty 

Got the Munchies? Serve up some chips with any of these great dips and you're good to go! The more generous you are with the food, the more your guests might bet!

BLT Dip 

Garlic Tomato Dip 

8 Layer Dip 

Spinach Dip 

Cheesy Rotel Dip 

Easy Guacomole 

Vegetable Dip 

Fresh Tomato Salsa 

And, here some recipes for homemade popcorn:

Spicy Popcorn on the Grill 

Mexicali Popcorn 

Easy Microwave Caramel Popcorn 

Pizza Popcorn 

Pina Colada Popcorn Crunch 

Honey and Spice Popcorn 

Cheers to YOU Winning! When it comes to what type of beverages to serve at a poker party, you might assume beer, but punches will do just the trick! Below are some recipes for some fabulous punches. Just be careful how much you drink. The more you drink, the sloppier you will play your cards.

Caribbean Rum Punch 

Champagne Fruit Punch 

Sangria Punch 

Planter’s Punch 

Good Luck! And may the best gal or guy win!

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