How to Carve an Unforgettable Pumpkin for Halloween

How to Carve an Unforgettable Pumpkin for Halloween

Halloween is almost here, and it’s time to turn those pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns! Whether you’re a seasoned pumpkin carver or just a beginner, we have some helpful tips that will make your pumpkin the neighborhood favorite!

The first thing you need to do is gather up the troops and the supplies!  Here's what you'll need:
-A pumpkin (of course!)
-One large serrated knife
-An assortment of smaller serrated knives
-A large spoon or pumpkin scoop

Step One: Set up your workspace.  Lining a table with newspaper is always a good bet, as it’s easy to clean up afterwards.  Keep a large bowl out for dumping the pumpkin seeds in. Clear enough space for everyone to work and keep the knives in a safe area.

Step Two: Cut a large circle around the stem to open up the pumpkin.  Make sure you cut on a 45 degree angle downwards so that the lid won’t fall through.  To ensure you can perfectly fit the top back onto the pumpkin, make a small point or notch in the circle. 

Step Three: Cut off any seeds or strings that are hanging from the lid of the pumpkin. 

Step Four: Use the spoon, pumpkin scoop, or your hands to scoop out all the seeds and fibers from the inside of the pumpkin. Remember to clean the seeds and put them aside to make this healthy snack!

Step Five: Plan what you are going to carve.  You can attach a stencil to your pumpkin, trace a shape on your pumpkin with a pen or marker, or make a freehand drawing on your pumpkin.  You can find free printable stencils here.

Step Six: Start carving!  The smaller the details you’re carving, the smaller the knife you’ll need.  You will probably need one hand to steady the pumpkin, so make sure that you don’t cut anywhere near that hand. 

Step Seven: Add your finishing touches.  Whether you want to add a classic candle to the center of your pumpkin or you want to paint your pumpkin different colors, those finishing touches are what will make your pumpkin stand out!

To make a truly impressive pumpkin, keep these tips in mind:
Be creative.  The traditional pumpkin face is a classic, but it’s been done before.  Try carving an animal, some words, or any other daring shape into your pumpkin! 

Don’t be afraid to use accessories.  A pumpkin witch’s face will look much more impressive with a scary wig and hat, and a vampire pumpkin would look great with some red paint dripping from its mouth.  Go the extra mile and you'll blow everyone away!

Don’t start a fire.  If you light your pumpkin with a candle, make sure that the top of the pumpkin is off and that the smoke isn’t charring the pumpkin as it rises.  For an even safer way to make your pumpkin glow, try a miniature flashlight. 

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