How To Deal With A Hangover

How To Deal With A Hangover

When you’re at a party having fun or hanging out at a bar on a Saturday night, it’s always difficult to remember that having a few too many drinks can lead to hours of misery the next day. We’ve all woken up with our heads pounding, our mouths dry, and our bodies weak. Many people head straight to the nearest drive-thru to load up on greasy food, hoping that they will be miraculously cured. But what are the foods that will really get your body on the road to recovery? We’ll fill you in.

Because consuming too much alcohol leaves you de-hydrated, the first thing you need to do is start drinking.  No, not beer- water!  Keep a bottle of water by your side throughout the day to replenish your body.  Drinks like Gatorade contain electrolytes and sodium that may help re-hydrate your body quicker.  Resist the urge to pop open another alcoholic drink, as it will merely dehydrate you further.

To help your body rid itself of toxins and increase your energy level, fructose is an important ingredient in any day-after meal.  Fruit juices or honey on toast are quick ways to get some natural sugars into your system.  The vitamins in juice will also help replenish your body, which loses some vitamins due to alcohol’s diuretic effect. 

While your body may be begging you for greasy foods, they are more likely to upset your fragile stomach than anything else.  Try to eat a healthy meal, instead. 

The cysteine in eggs helps break down one of main hangover-causing toxins.  So scrambled, hard-boiled, or sunny-side up, eating a couple of eggs the day after can make a big difference.

Here are 4 recipes that might help you out:

Veggie Scrambled Eggs
Fruit Slap
Mongolian Strawberry-Orange Juice Smoothie
Best Ever Omelette

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