How to Hull Strawberries

How to Hull Strawberries

Fresh strawberries are juicy and delicious ingredients that go well in any recipe, from desserts to salads. When it comes to preparing strawberries, however, some people get confused when they see recipes that call for hulled strawberries. What are hulled strawberries and how can you prepare them? We’ll teach you three easy ways to hull strawberries!

A hulled strawberry is a strawberry that has had its stem and fleshy pulp removed.  This white pulp is located directly below the stem and is tough and flavorless.  Removing the stem and pulp ensures that you only have the juiciest and most tender parts of the strawberry at your disposal, plus you won’t have to worry about stems getting into your dish. 

Here are three simple ways to hull strawberries:

1. Using a Knife
-Position a paring knife next to the stem of a strawberry.
-Insert the knife on an inward diagonal and move it in a circular motion around the stem.
-The stem should come off, taking a conical piece of pulp with it.

2. Using a Huller
-A strawberry huller looks like a short, fat pair of tweezers. 
-Grasp the huller in your dominant hand and the strawberry in the other.
-Use the huller to grasp the strawberry’s hull, pushing in slightly.
-Twist and pull to remove the hull.

3. Using a Straw
-You will need one sturdy plastic drinking straw.
-Place one end of the straw at the bottom of the strawberry and push up toward the stem.
-The stem should pop off and the straw should contain the fleshy pulp inside. 

Picking Strawberries
To pick the best fresh strawberries, follow these tips:

Look for berries with a full red color and a bright luster, firm flesh, and the cap stem still attached. The berries should be dry and clean, and usually medium to small strawberries have better eating quality than large ones.

Avoid berries with large uncolored areas or with large seedy areas (poor in flavor and texture), a full shrunken appearance or softness (signs of over-ripeness or decay), or those with mold, which can spread rapidly from one berry to another.

Don't just jump at those discounted case prices! In most containers of strawberries you will likely find a few that are less desirable than others. Try to look at some of berries lower in the container to be sure that they are reasonably free from defects or decay.

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