How to Make Coffee

How to Make Coffee

It may be hard to believe, but not everyone drinks coffee. There are some people who do not wait for Starbucks' doors to open at 4:59 a.m. and they do not long for that fresh-roasted aroma the moment before their eyes open. It is for these people that this How To is written.

Instant Coffee - This may seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how badly instant coffee can be messed up.

1. Heat water. This can be done in an electric kettle, on the stove or in the microwave.

2. Take about one teaspoon of instant coffee grains and pour into a mug. Vary amount of coffee based on how strong the cup should be.

3. Pour hot water into mug with coffee grains and stir.

4. Add milk, cream sugar, non-dairy creamer and any other flavorings to the mug.

Drip Coffee - The most common way to make coffee, these coffee makers are pretty sophisticated with timers and clocks and all sorts of gadgets.

1. Remove the carafe or kettle and swing out the top basket.

2. Insert filter into basket. Add one tablespoon of ground coffee for every cup you want to make.

3. Swing basket back inside. Open the reservoir and pour in one cup of water for every cup of coffee you are making.

4. Place the carafe back on the machine and turn it on.

5. The water will flow through the coffee and the filter and drip down into the pot. The coffee is done when it stops dripping.

Percolator Coffee - A rather old-fashioned way of making coffee, but you never know when you'll need this handy skill.

1. Pour water into reservoir based on how many cups you want to make.

2. Add coarsely ground coffee to the brew basket, using one tablespoon for each cup you want to make. 3. Place the basket into the urn and place urn on stovetop.

4. Heat the water to boil. This will force the water up through the coffee grounds and into the urn, thus percolating.

5. Watch the liquid bubble up to judge how strong (dark) the coffee is getting. Brewing should take about five minutes.

6. Remove the filter basket and pour coffee.

French Press - The perfect way to brew a cup of joe for one or two!

1. Heat water. This can be done in an electric kettle, on the stove or in the microwave.

2. Place coffee grounds in the bottom of the cup, using one tablespoon for every cup you want to brew.

3. When water is almost boiling, pour into the French Press on top of the grounds.

4. Put the lid on, keeping the plunger up.

5. Let the coffee steep to desired strength, then press plunger down to strain out grounds.

6. Pour coffee immediately. If you leave liquid in the Press, it will continue to brew and eventually get bitter.

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