How To Make Perfect Cookies

Whether you love to bake them or just eat them, check out these handy tips.

We all love cookies, and some of us even like to bake them. But getting them to be a perfect consistency is often a problem. So here are a few simple tricks to make sure your next batch is light an chewy.

1) Make sure your butter or other binding ingredient is at room temperature.

2) Beat the binding ingredient and the sugars at a high speed until it looks like it's almost fluffy. You'll know you've got it right when you rub a little of it between your fingers and the sugar granules are almost undetectable.

3) When the instructions tell you to gradually add the dry to the wet ingredients that's what it really means. Ditto if they want you to alternate dry and wet ingredients. This step is very important as it allows a thorough combining of all the ingredients.

4) Add extra vanilla. This never hurts and often adds a little something extra to the recipe.

5) Invest in good baking sheets and use silpat mats whenever possible.

6) Take the cookies off the baking sheet as soon as possible and place on cooling racks. This helps them cool at a gradual and even rate all over. It also frees up the pan for another batch. And, as an added bonus, it's easier to clean a warm pan than a cold one.

7) Finally, unless otherwise stated, make sure to store your cookies in an airtight container.

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