Ice Iced Coffees

iced coffee

Yo vanilla kick it one time. And by one time we mean, many times with these delicious iced coffee beverages.

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Cool off and get your caffeine fix with these tasty Iced Coffee drinks. They are easy to make at home beverages that will keep a few extra bucks in your wallet without giving up great flavor. Try making one of these great coffee drinks the next time you are looking for a little extra buzz.

Our Frappuccino: This is a basic recipe for Frappuccino, the slushy blended coffee drinks people line up for at coffeehouses. Make it at home and save yourself the trip.

Cappuccino on Ice
: This iced cappuccino is a great treat on a hot day. A touch of vanilla and sweet condensed milk makes you feel like you are walking the Spanish Steps on a sunny afternoon.

5th Avenue Frappe: Worthy of even the busiest, most caffeine-addicted in Manhattan, this drink will perk up your morning.

Chocolate Buzz Milkshake: Not enough caffeine in chocolate for you? Try this chocolate, ice cream and espresso shake for a real pick-me-up.

Iced Chai Coffee: The sweet warming spices of a traditional Chai tea get an icy cool down with our iced variety. We show you how to make your own Chai tea spice combination for this drink. Make sure to share with friends, they wouldn’t want to miss out.

Dulce De Leche Frappe: Smooth caramel and coffee come together in this blended coffee drink.  And nothing beats an ice cold frappe - unless it's flavored with coffee and dulce de leche ice cream.

Irish Cream Iced Cappuccino: This version has 43% less calories and 2 grams of fat per serving thanks to Equal and fat-free milk, but with the same great flavor.

Coffee Smoothie: Save yourself some time and money whip up this fancy coffee drink at home. But don’t worry it’s not too fancy, you can have it any time.

Thai Iced Coffee: Here's a sweet twist on iced coffee. The condensed milk makes the drink a little thick, but you could thin it with more coffee or some regular milk.

Mocha Blast: Make this Mocha Blast in minutes. Instant mixes are your friend when putting together this breezy drink.

Iced Chai Cappuccino: When you need that extra kick of caffeine, cool off with this super-charged sipper.

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