In Memoriam: 4 Cereals Gone Forever

In Memoriam: 4 Cereals Gone Forever

One of my most cherished childhood memories was picking out the cereal I’d eat for breakfast while watching early morning cartoons. Sadly, I’ll never be able to eat some of those cereals again. For whatever reason, they’ve been discontinued and will now remain as a legend in the cereal community. To the fallen, we pay our respects.

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Two Cereals I Love and Miss

Oreo O’s: Post developed the genius idea to make “America’s favorite cookie” into bite-sized pieces of heaven. Launched in 1998, the cereal was discontinued in 2007 after Post and Kraft were no longer co-branding. However, the cereal is still available for purchase in South Korea and on eBay if you’re desperate enough—which I might be.

French Toast Crunch: In 1995, General Mills launched French Toast Crunch that resembled mini slices of French toast. These cereal pieces were not only delicious, but also downright adorable. This cereal was discontinued in 2006, but is still produced and marketed in Canada. Off to Canada I go… 


Two Cereals I Would Have Loved to Try

Urkel-Os: Who could forget Steve Urkel, the 90s most beloved TV nerd with oversized frames and overall jeans? Ralston launched Urkel-Os in 1991 as Urkelmania swept the nation. But as the hit sitcom Family Matters lost its appeal, the strawberry-banana flavored cereal inevitably met its demise.

Mr. T: Following his success in Rocky III and The A-Team, Mr. T (actor/wrestler Laurence Tureaud) had his own cereal line with Quaker in 1984.  These T-shaped cereal pieces had a similar taste to Cap’N Crunch and a catch-phrase you won’t see in commercials today: “I pity the fool who don’t eat my cereal.”  


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