Incredible Edibles: Carrots

Incredible Edibles: Carrots

Thanks to Bugs Bunny, my kids will eat carrots all day long! But there's no need to say "What's up, Doc?" if you're filling your belly full of the carrot's nutrients!

I know that a lot of people say cartoons aren't good for kids, but I am here to proclaim that my kids eat an extremely healthy snack because of a cartoon.

Thanks for that, Bugs Bunny!

We go through carrots in our home like laundry and that's saying something, y'all. My kids love them raw to dip in ranch dressing, thrown into a stir fry and hidden deep within the delicious crust of a chicken pot pie. It's an easy snack and I usually have several snack bags full of carrots in the fridge for them to just grab and munch!

Everyone who sees them always makes a remark about how good of an eater my kids are. (Which is hilarious because hello, their diet consists of ketchup, chicken nuggets and fruit snacks the rest of the time.) I smile and say "thank you", but I want to tackle them to the ground when they turn to my kids and say "You just love your healthy vegetables, don't you?"

Yeah... here's the thing. My kids eat carrots because Bugs Bunny ate them. If we tell them they're eating a healthy, nutritious vegetable when they know darn well I have a bag of Goldfish crackers in the cabinet, the jig is up. Carrots will be a thing of the past.

So, I silently do a little dance whenever I see my kids eating this incredible edible! All my life I was told that carrots were good for your eyesight, but do you know just how much nutritious value these little orange guys pack?

Carrots contain a whole mess of β-carotene which becomes vitamin A in the human body. A vitamin A deficiency is known for causing poor vision, hence the myth that eating a ton of carrots will make your eyesight supernatural. (False. Eating a ton of carrots might cause carotenosis and turn you orange!) Vitamins B6, C and E are also major carrot components, as well as calcium, iron, potassium and riboflavin!

Pretty tough little veggie, huh?

It gets better! Research has recently shown that carrots also contain phytonutrients that can help prevent the growth of colon cancer cells! If that's not a reason to slap a big ol' serving of this super veggie on your plate, I don't know what is!

(Unless I were to ask my kids, then I would have an answer. Because Bugs Bunny ate them!)

I'm telling y'all, eat plenty of these orange guys and you won't have to say "What's up, Doc?" nearly as much as Bugs does! Try a few of the following Recipe4Living recipes and get some incredible edibles into your family's tummy!

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