Incredible Edibles: Radishes

Incredible Edibles: Radishes

Peter Cottontail loved radishes, but mainly for their crunch and sweetness. If he had known how nutritious they are, he might not have risked his life with Mr. MacGregor!

Growing up, I was a huge fan of salads, but never of the small, chopped radishes hiding in my lettuce. I would purposely pick each one of them out as I found them, making a tidy little pile on the edge of my plate.

Until one day, I accidentally missed one.

Dunked in ranch dressing, a radish wasn't half bad! But, I grew a bit braver and ate a few raw. Turns out? Radishes are pretty delicious.

Of course, not that I'm a mother, I can't convince my children to eat a radish unless I promise them a pony (Which is odd because we already have three horses for them to ride). I've tried hiding it in their salads, blending it into sauces and mashing it in with potato salad, but it's no good. They just seem to know it's there...

So, I've given up for now. I'll enjoy the radishes in my meals while my children happily ignore this little root vegetable, but not forever. Eventually, I'd love for them to enjoy radishes because this veggie is definitely an incredible edible.

Some of the radish's nutrients include vitamin B6, riboflavin, magnesium, copper, and calcium!

Basically? I could save a ton of money if my kids would eat radishes like they eat their gummy vitamins.

Radishes are also rich in potassium, ascorbic acid and folic acid, which is essential for our body's functionality.

It's also low in carbohydrates, calories and contains no fat!

There's an old Chinese proverb about radishes that says, "Eating pungent radish and drinking hot tea, let the starved doctors beg on their knees."

Hey, if radishes will keep us out of the doctor's office this year, I'll eat three bunches a day. Maybe that's going to be the best way to convince my kids...

When it comes to cooking radishes, roasting is a popular option, as well as eating them raw. But there are several recipes here at Recipe4Living that you might want to give a try! The radishes aren't the star of the show in these recipes, but they pack a lot of flavor and, as we all know, a lot of nutrients! Enjoy!

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