Leftover Ham Recipes

Leftover Ham Recipes

Ever wonder what to do with leftover ham? Don't let it go to waste! Recipe4Living has many recipes for leftover ham so that you can make the most out of your leftovers.

Turn your leftover ham into something just as delicious as what it was originally used for. The possibilities are endless: ham dips, ham pasta, ham soups. Look below for some suggestions!

Leftover Ham Recipes

Ham and Noodles - Leftover ham? Whip up this simple pasta dish.

Ham and Potato Soup - Made a hearty soup for lunch with leftover ham.

Broccoli Ham Bake - Leftover ham, no problem, easy to make and tasty.

Smithfield Ham Hash - This recipe would be great using leftover ham at any time of the year.

Ham and Cheese Spread - A good smoked ham works well with this, leftovers are great from a bone-in ham!

Facts About Ham

What part of the animal does ham come from?

Ham comes from the thigh of a pig or boar but it often associated with the pig.

How come there are so many different varieties of ham? Ham can be treated many different ways, It can be dry-cured (rubbed in a mixture of salt and other seasoning, dried, and aged), or wet-cured (injected with or immersed in a brine). Each region has their own method of curing ham, therefore creating varieties of ham named after their region. Italian prosciutto is a dry-cured ham, while some Portuguese and French hams are wet-cured. For more on regional varieties, click here.

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