Leftover Thanksgiving Recipes

Leftover Thanksgiving Recipes

Make use of that extra turkey and cranberry sauce with these inventive leftover Thanksgiving recipes!

Thanksgiving Quiche - I whipped these up for my grandkids' breakfast the day after Thanksgiving from the leftovers. They felt quite special having individual little pies of their own.

Jingle Turkey Salad - Easy turkey salad made with only white turkey breast meat, colorful sweet peppers and Miracle Whip. Taste is sweet but a little spicy and very fulfilling

Turkey and Stuffing Casserole - Two Thanksgiving dishes in one, this casserole is quick, easy and delicious.

Turkey Cranberry Wontons - This quick and easy appetizer recipe will help you use your leftover turkey and cranberry sauce. Plus they are low-cal and low-fat.

Harvest Thyme Pumpkin Stew -  This is a wonderful fall stew. I created it to use leftover Thanksgiving turkey, but it is so delicious I make it throughout the fall when pumpkins are available. It is a quick and easy dish, but impressive as well.

Easiest Chicken or Turkey Pot Pie - Great for Thanksgiving or whole chicken left overs. Extremely easy, yet very yummy!

Turkey Potato Casserole - This was made from Thanksgiving leftovers, and ingredients in my pantry. It's a family favorite and a hit at potlucks. After a holiday meal half the work is done because you usually have the mashed potatoes and turkey.

Cranberry Walnut Sandwich Bread - This hearty yeast bread not only goes well with Thanksgiving dinner but it makes the most delicious sandwiches with the leftover turkey!

Hot Turkey Sandwiches - Serve these quick-to-make sandwiches for lunch on the Friday after Thanksgiving or any time you have turkey leftovers and crave a hearty sandwich. Cranberry-shallot chutney adds a sweet, tangy flavor. Bottled gravy will work fine in this recipe.

Turkey Soup Surprise - Wonderful, thick and rich. This is perfect for the day after Thanksgiving to use up your leftovers!

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