Make Your Knives Last A Lifetime

Make Your Knives Last A Lifetime

We all know the importance of having a sharp, solid knife in the kitchen. One good knife can take the place of an entire drawer. But the most important part of having a good knife that lasts a lifetime starts with maintaining it. Washing it with a sponge and drying it with a towel, or God forbid sticking it in the dishwasher are the last things you want to do. Improper knife care can dull or even break these expensive tools. Read on for some tips to caring for your knives!

Clean Them Immediately After Use- Cleaning your knives immediately after use ensures that none of the sugars, salts, or acids from the food will cake on and eventually damage the blade. Don’t throw them in the dishwasher or wash them with a sponge. Instead, squirt some soap onto the flat edge and gently rub soap into the metal using your fingers. Make sure to avoid cutting yourself on the sharp part. It’s also very important to dry them properly.

Always Air Dry- It’s important to allow your knives to air dry, and we recommend placing a magnetic knife holder on the wall over the sink. The will drip right over the sink and you don’t have to worry about puddles of water. If you don’t want to use a magnetic knife holder, we recommend laying them on a soft towel and allowing them to sit for about a half hour on each side. Then store in a fairly empty drawer. This will make sure your other tools don’t damage the knife.

Keep It Sharp- Eventually, knives will dull; this is inevitable.  Instead of throwing them out or damaging them with one of those knife sharpening rods (which we admit we don’t even know how to use right), invest in a high quality automatic knife sharpener. We’ve tested quite a few, and highly recommend the Edgeware Angle Adjust Adjustable Electric Knife Sharpener.

We like this one because it made our dullest knives cut like they were brand new, and allows you to set the exact angle you want your knives to be (which is great for achieving that factory feel). It also features two slots: one with diamond wheels and one with ceramic wheels. It can even sharpen serrated knives! It was even a finalist for the 2013 Housewares Design Awards! Invest in this, which costs about as much as a good set, and you’ll never have to buy knives again! 

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