Make Your Own Halloween Treats

Make Your Own Halloween Treats

From candy bars to chocolate kisses, trick or treating doesn't have to mean store-bought candy. Make your own treats this year to save money and serve up something extra special!

Halloween Goblin Balls - A thick, candy syrup poured over popcorn makes these sweet treats.

Witches' Broomsticks - These maple-flavored broomsticks are guaranteed to melt in your mouth and be a hit with kids of all ages.

Halloween Worms - A wacky, weird, and yummy dessert using gelatin, whipping cream, and food coloring. Great for kids!

Scary Eyeballs - Kids will squeal with delight at the sight of these eyeball treats from Shannon Blatchley of Ludlow, Massachusetts. They'll love the peanut butter flavor, too!

Halloween Truffles - This delicious chocolate treat is so much fun to make. My children made a pumpkin, witch's hat and a ghost and decorated accordingly.

Monster Munchies - Apricots and raisins make this mix healthier than all that Halloween candy.

Easy Popcorn Balls - This simple recipe can be made plain or by adding food coloring. You can dress it up for Halloween or Christmas.

Pumpkin Seeds - These pumpkin seeds make a great tasting and healthy snack.

Teeny Weeny Witches Hats - Chocolate Kisses make these creative cookies look like witch's hats in the bewitching spirit of Halloween.

Pumpkin Cookies - Make these at Halloween, Thanksgiving or anytime you have a taste for pumpkin.  Great flavor and easy to make.


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