Mamma Mia! 9 Luscious Lasagna Recipes

Mamma Mia! 9 Luscious Lasagna Recipes

Lasagna is a classic Italian recipe that's loaded with flavor and is perfect for a weeknight dinner. These 9 recipes are loaded with flavor, and will make quite the impression when served. Whip them up for dinner tonight!

Artichoke Lasagna

A nutritious take on the popular lasagna dish.

Seafood Lasagna

Shrimp and seafood ingredients make this preparation perfect for kids and adults.

Noodle Lasagna

Tasty and simple to prepare dish with egg noodles.

Taco Lasagna

Lasagna with a spicy Mexican twist. Ripe olives and the hot salsa sauce make this dish absolutely irresistible and popular among kids and adults.

Tofu Lasagna

Very healthy and light dish that can be enjoyed by vegetarians.

Chocolate Lasagna

Lasagna gets a sweet makeover in this recipe. Top it up with some chocolate sprinkles and you have the most delectable dessert ready.

Broccoli Lasagna

A healthy lasagna recipe with the goodness of veggies.

Indian Lasagna

An interesting fusion for the conventional European dish, combining Italian cooking with Indian spices and flavors.

Potato Lasagna

A simple vegetarian dish with goat cheese and a savory side dish.

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