Mix Up A Holiday Cocktail Party!

Mix Up A Holiday Cocktail Party!

This holiday season, invite your friends over for a simple and fun holiday cocktail party! Check out our list of appetizer and cocktail recipes for ideas on what to serve!

Hello! I hope everyone is having great holiday seasons. While the holidays are all about food and feasting, they're also about fun! That's why I decided to throw a holiday cocktail party this week. I have expanded the categories of appetizers and beverages for this week's party because appetizers and drinks are what a cocktail party is all about! You can also turn your party into a cocktail or appetizer potluck if easier! Have fun!

Happy Holidays!


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Choose a couple of these appetizers to serve in hors d'oeuvre fashion while your guests sip on their cocktails!

Apricot Cheeseball

Bacon Wrapped Cranberry Dressing Bundle

Cocktail Meatballs

Cherry Brie

Artichoke Crabmeat Wedges

Tomato Parmesan Tart

Stuffed Mushrooms

Blue Cheese and Walnut Appetizers

Olive Bites

Shrimp Cocktail Spread

Main Courses

If you choose enough appetizers, a main course might not be necessary but here are some suggestions just in case:

Marvelous Mini Meatloaves

Holiday Pea Salad

Mini Eggplant Pizzettes

Party Chicken

Christmas Ham and Cheese Casserole

Side Dishes Spiced Cranberries

Sweet Potato Latkes

Herb Vegetable Medley

Lemon Rice

Two Corn Casserole

Desserts Pick light bite-size desserts to end your cocktail party!

Christmas Mocha Nut Butter Balls

Tiramisu Parfait

Individual Cheesecakes

Christmas Cupcakes

Miniatiure Fruit Sundaes


Now, for the category you've all been waiting for: the cocktails! Serve a variety so your guests can have their favorite.

Pear Brandy Champagne Cocktail

Cosmopolitan Martini

Holiday Punch

Sour Apple Martini

Old Fashioned Egg Nog

Ultimate Chocolate Martini

Hazelnut Liqueur - Frangelico

Tomato Vodka Aspic

Hot Buttered Rum

Apple Pie Cocktail

Presentation Pointers:

1. Create a space in your main room for everyone to mingle. Push back couches or tables to give people room to chat while enjoying their cocktails.

2. Serve your appetizers on platters to give your party a classy touch. To go that extra mile, pass the platters around the room like they do at a cocktail hour.

3. Make sure the focus of your party is on the appetizers and the cocktails. Remember: that's what your guests are there for!

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