Mrs. Fields Cookie and Brownie Recipes

Mrs. Fields Cookie and Brownie Recipes

Forget clothes and shoes, we think Mrs. Fields is the most tempting store in the mall. The smell of those fresh baked cookies and brownies is hard to resist!

Mrs. Fields Pecan Pie Brownies: These are some unusual brownies, they do not have chocolate in them and they really taste like pecan pie.

Mrs. Fields Cheesecake Brownie Cups: These are easy to make, and must less pricey than in the mall.

Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies: What we love about this recipe is that it delivers chewy cookies every time!

Mrs. Fields Cinnamon Sugar Butter Cookies: Try your hand at these famous melt-in-your-mouth cookies from the one and only Mrs. Fields.

Mrs. Fields Eggnog Cookies: The perfect holiday cookie to get everyone in a festive mood!

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