National Clean The Fridge Day!

National Clean The Fridge Day!

Did you know November 14th was National Clean The Fridge Day? It's time to use up those leftovers! Make room for all your Thanksgiving eats by using these great leftover recipe collections to help you get rid of (but not waste) all that excess food!

You know the feeling: you're running out of room in the fridge and suddenly you find an old plastic container of leftover pasta from 3 weeks ago taking up room. Or maybe it's a bottle of mustard shoved in the back corner that's almost 3 years old? Whatever it is, it's time to clean out the fridge!

National Clean The Fridge Day began in 1995 as a means to make sure families around the world are actually cleaning out their fridge at least once a year. Just in time for Thanksgiving, it also helps to clear up room for your feast preparation. Below is a list of tips and recipes to help your refrigerator look sparkly and clean!

National Clean The Fridge Day Tips:

  • A good general rule of thumb is: If you don't use it, get rid of it. Chances are you won't use it anytime soon either. If something is still good but you don't use it, consider donating it to a nearby food pantry or a friend that might be interested in it.
  • Always check for spoilage including mold, rotting, and other tell tale signs that something is no longer edible.
  • Check expiration dates and pitch anything that expired longer than a week ago.

For those ingredients that are still good, use some of these recipes to help with meals up until Thanksgiving and beyond. Bring a dip to a potluck or make burritos for dinner.

Recipes for Leftovers:

Leftover Roast Burritos - The solution for what to do with leftover pot roast: burritos!

Leftover Veggie "Quiche" - Uses almost any vegetables in a tasty cheesy one dish anytime meal.

Ham and Potato Soup - Make a hearty soup for lunch with leftover ham.

French Toast Sandwich - This recipe grew out of leftovers. On weekends I make a big breakfast, and on the occasion we have french toast, I make sure to make more than enough so that later that week, I can make cream cheese and jelly or PB&J using the leftover French toast, which adds a boost of protein from the egg batter.

Delicious Leftover Chicken Casserole - I found this recipe in a newspaper many years ago. It has been a favorite of my family ever since. With the holidays coming it is a great way to use up leftover turkey, chicken or ham.

Leftover Turkey Potato Casserole - This was made from Thanksgiving leftovers, and ingredients in my pantry. It's a family favorite and a hit at potlucks. With leftovers, it's a breeze, made from scratch ... it's work.

Leftover Squash Cornbread - This is a great recipe to use up leftover winter squash.

Buffalo Chicken Dip - Leftover chicken? Try this easy and delicious dish for a snack or appetizer.

Chocolate Zucchini Brownies - Just in time for all that leftover zucchini you don't know what to do with. These are the best and moistest brownies I have ever had. It is the only recipe I use anymore.

Potato Chowder - For some extra flavor you can add some bacon into the soup, just cut up the cold bacon that was leftover from breakfast and throw in at the end.  Great soup on its own or add in your own personality to it, just like you would a baked potato.

Hickory Smoked Pizza -  Use your leftovers to make a great pizza on the grill! 

Mexican Chicken and Rice Casserole -This Mexican chicken and rice casserole be made from leftovers or with fresh chicken. It's great with chicken but you can also use other meats of your choice!

Side Splitting Split Pea Soup -Whenever there is a party and a spiral ham is served my family demands I make this soup. I freeze individual portions with leftovers so that anyone can have some any time they like. Do not add pasta to portions you are going to freeze.

Chili and Cheese Dip - This is such an easy dip to throw together that everyone will love. It's also a great way to use up leftover chili!

Harvest Thyme Pumpkin Stew - This is a wonderful fall stew. I created it to use leftover Thanksgiving turkey, but it is so delicious I make it throughout the fall when pumpkins are available. It is a quick and easy dish, but impressive as well.

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For the future, brush up on your Food Storage Guidelines so you can make the most of both new and leftover foods. Happy National Clean The Fridge Day!


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